Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new blog.

I put the blogs together shorly after Gabrielle was born.. jump on over and follow our fun journey as a family of 4!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gavin is a BIG BROTHER!!

Gavin's baby sister has arrived!  He is doing SO well with her, it's just so incredible to finally see him with her.  He is very gentle with her and is always asking to rock her.. too cute!!  I promise to post some photos soon and I am toying with the idea of just putting Gavin and Gabrielle's blogs together - maintaining two will just be too tough so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

promised photos!

so sorry these are so late..


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am super behind here and there is really no good reason for it!  I need to post our pumpkin patch photos along with our Halloween/Trick.or.Treat photos and I need to share with everyone how truly awesome my son is :o)  He is just the best, so much fun, such a smart little fella and so chatty - I just love him to pieces!!

My computer is acting up right now and it's not letting me upload photos, go figure.  I promise to be back tomorrow with new photos of my handsome, silly, polite, independent, strong, kind little man :o)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

one week pacifier free :o)

Last Tuesday was Gavin's very first dentist appointment - and he was AWESOME!!  He watched me get my teeth cleaned first then it was his turn.  I didn't bother taking my camera.. well because truthfully I completely forgot (NOT like me!) but I also figured he would probably have a break down so I wouldn't really get any cute photos anyway.. Boy was I wrong!  Gavin was super brave and so relaxed through the whole cleaning.  He let Noelle (the hygenist) clean his teeth, floss his teeth and polish his teeth (with the yummy chocolate polish that he picked out!).  Steven held a mirror up for some of it so he could watch what she was going - he was loving it!!  I just stood there watching him in amazement.  How can my little baby bean already be having his first dentist appointment.. how can my little fella already be 3 years old.. how is this possible?!?  I did shed a few tears - just because I was such a proud momma (and because I didn't have my camera..)  After Noelle was done cleaning his teeth it was time for the dentist to come in and check them out.  Gav was not so thrilled with Dr. Don - but he warmed up fairly quickly and let him count his teeth and get a good look around.  Everything looks good - we obviously have to continue working on brushing and flossing - certainly a challenge with a 3 year old - but thankfully there are no major issues!  Gav and I both go back in April for our next cleaning.

Now for the even more amazing part - I have been trying to think of a cleaver way to get rid of Gav's pacifiers - he's just too big for them and I'd really like them gone before Gabrielle arrives.  So I thought, why not take them to the dentist.. it's worth a shot.  Well, it actually worked!!!  He took his paci in and gave it to Dr. Don without any fuss - I was completely shocked and of course very worried about how bed time would be that night.  8:30 p.m. rolls around, we head up to bed, Gav asks "where's my paci Mommy" and I say "don't you remember, you gave it to the dentist" - his reply "I wanna read this book Mommy."  Wait, what???  You aren't going to freak out and have a fit - you aren't going to cry the rest of the night because you want your paci???  Are you really just letting it go that easily.. you sure are!!  Holy smokes, that's my boy!  He has asked for his paci twice since last Tuesday - no real hiccups with bedtime or nap time - it's wonderful!!  Had I known it would be this easy I would have done it a while ago, but then again he may have not been ready.  I am so happy this transition is behind us - now if we can just work on the potty.  I really had this fear of my son getting married in his McQueen pullups with his silly paci in his mouth - one down, one to go :o)

Last Wednesday Steven and I took Gavin for his 3 year check-up - again, how in the world is my sweet baby boy 3 years old?!?!  Dr. Scott said Gav looks great and is developing right on track! We asked him about potty training and he shared that it's very common for boys his age to know how to use the potty but not really have much interest.  He said not to push it too much for now.  He doesn't have to get any immunizations, besides the flu shot, until he's ready for kindergarten.  (oh crap, kindergarten, no way!)
Gav's 3 year stats:

Weight: 33 pounds
Height: 3 feet 2 1/2 inches tall
He's in the 60-65th percentile for both!
Head circumference: 19 inches

I will try to most more about our weekend very soon - we had an awesome weekend full of Build-a-Bear, haircuts, football, Mr. Potato Head and a pumpkin patch!  (yes, I have photos, don't worry!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

3rd birthday party!!

Saturday we celebrated Gavin's 3rd birthday (a week early) with family and a few friends.  Gav had a blast and of course was spoiled with lots of very fun gifts!!  He is continuing to amaze us each day with his new skills, manners, words, dance moves, etc :o)  Some of his phrases just crack me us - like his pickle slushy (it was green so of course it was pickle flavor!) and him wanting to name his baby sister "School Bus" - such a goof ball!  We really are blessed with an awesome son! 

We are still working on the potty - I think if we really pushed him he'd catch on - but I'm afraid if we do push him he will just rebel.. any moms want to offer their advice, I will gladly listen!  I just hope we can get him out of diapers before the baby arrives in December - 2 in diapers will just be insanely expensive!

Here are some fun photos of Gavin's party, the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk and some fun with daddy!

 These last 2 photos were from our trip to Toys.R.Us and the Halloween Store today - so cute!!!

Below are a few photos I took of Gav's room today.  I was upstairs taking some photos of Gummy Bear's newly painted room and thought it would be nice to have some of Gav's big boy baseball room :o)